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Sungkyungkwan University | Chungbuk National University

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Our 3 main targets for delivering services to these types of people

International Student
Local Student

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We provide many services just for you with a full heart.

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Come and teach in UMB from University’s Partner.

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Come and teach in University’s Partner from UMB.

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Propose a Cooperation to us.

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Apply for Patent.

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Some pictures from our programs.


Anniversary Universitas Mercu Buana 36th
Countless how many Universitas Mercu Buana have produced many smart and advanced students who can meet the needs of industry in Indonesia, but one thing that must be known is that we will continue to improvise to be even better which of course carries the tagline this time “Build togetherness for progress”. Happy Anniversary 36th for Universitas Mercu Buana once again, let’s be more leading and excellent university 🎓

Happy Muharram – Islamic New Year
Beautiful practices originate from a beautiful heart. Beautify your heart with beautiful words. The month of Muharram is indeed full of blessings. Let us celebrate the Hijriyah New Year.

International Webinar Series

Emil Robert Kaburuan, PhD

November 12, 2021

Design for Sustainable: How ICT Contribute to SDGs

International Webinar Series

Yaya Sudarya Triana, PhD

July 9, 2021

Simulation Data of Heckman Sample Selection Model in R