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Universitas Mercu Buana

Accredited "A"

National Accreditation Board


Mercu Buana University Jakarta was founded by Mr. H. Probosutedjo (Chairman of Menara Bhakti Foundation / Founder of Mercu Buana University), on October 22, 1985, beginning with just 118 students. In the academic year of 2014 – 2015 the university welcomed 25,000 active students on 23 programs. 2 Diploma programs, 16 undergraduate programs and 5 post graduate programs. All courses have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mercu Buana University is considered to be one of the leading private universities of both Indonesia and its capital, the modern megalopolis of Jakarta.

Discipline, honesty and integrity are the principles of UMB's institutional ethics. These three things have to become the breath of UMB's faculty members and students.


Be creative: Creativity is a value of an individual who wants to create a better life for himself and his environment. Problems are not meant to be obstacles but stimuli for finding solutions, means to improve ourselves and our circumstances.


Be environmental friendly: The 20th century has taught the world that the negative effects of neglecting our ecological footprint always come back to us. UMB is thoroughly committed that all working unit, employees and lecturers shall always take care of their environment.


Local wisdom: Enhancing creativity within local communities is crucial to be winners in a global competition. UMB is committed our local wisdom is also in line with a domestic resource based policy.

The philosophical meaning of Mercu Buana

The word Mercu Buana is derived from the word "Mercu" means the lighthouse tower and "Buana" means the earth. The tower is indicating strong building which serves as lighthouse, while the word "Buana" is the symbol of the society or the people.


It is intrinsically mentioned on the symbol that the University of Mercu Buana shall be the leading university which bring benefits to the nation in achieving prosperous and intended society as stated on Indonesia ideology, Pancasila.

The Meaning of Mercu Buana Logo

The logo of Mercu Buana is by the power of flame it consists of three divisions. It represents three basic philosophies of higher education in Indonesia, education, research and community services. The educational philosophy is represented by the middle flame, while the research and community services philosophy are indicated consecutively by the right and left flames.

Degree Programs

Degree Programs at six faculties:

  1. Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture Engineering.
  2. Design: Interior Design, Product Design, Visual Communication Design.
  3. Business: Management, Accounting.
  4. Communication: Public Relations, Broadcasting, Marketing Communication.
  5. Psychology: Psychology.
  6. Computer: Information System, Informatics Engineering

Post Graduate Programs:

  1. Master of Industrial Engineering
  2. Master of Electrical Engineering
  3. Master of Management
  4. Master of Communication Science
  5. Master of Accounting.
  6. Doctor of Management (Dr.)


Development Cooperation and International Office

In moving into a World-Class University, MBU have been responding positively to the dynamic change in the severe higher education competition. Progresses achieved by MBU in the third decade have shown significant development, either in MBU's academic environment as well as in the international cooperation with foreign Higher Education Institutions. The cooperation is established among universities from China, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, Korea, Thailand, United Emirate Arab and Japan.

  1. Deakin University
  2. Universiti Sains Malaysia
  3. Guangxi Normal University
  4. Universiti Industri Selangor
  5. Geomatika College
  6. NIIT Antilles NV
  7. Beijing Institute of Technology
  8. University of Malaya
  9. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
  10. Bohai University
  11. Rangsit University
  12. Guangdong University
  13. Nagasaki University
  14. Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts
  15. Paris 8 University
  16. Insset Universite Picardie,France
  17. Spiru Haret University
  18. Budapest Business School
  19. Chienkuo Technology University
  20. Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance
  21. Global Cyber University

The International cooperation would enable students to be exposed into global environment through exchange of students. Inviting foreign lecturers with a world-class expertise will facilitate the development of MBU students into globally qualified professionals. While the wide-arrays of business and industry cooperation nationally as well as internationally, would enable a quality internship, credit earnings, twinning and double degree programs for students of different faculties at MBU. International programs are managed by International Office of Mercu Buana University.


Multi-national teaching faculty members, of the partnering academic institutions, as well as exchange students, or MBU students who will continue their further studies abroad at the partner institutions, would be taken care bypartner internationally staffs of  MBU International Office.

Mercu Buana University Research Centre 

The Research Centre serves as a resource and provides administrative assistance for research activities at Mercu Buana University. The Research Centre team works together to develop and maintain efficient administrative and business processes and practices that provide seamless and consistent support to MBU researchers for both internal and external research awards, as well as provides information and assistance to meet human research ethics requirements.

  1. The Research Centre also provides clerical, budgetary, and administrative support services for the University's research related Committees.
  2. Some of the research which have been carried out by MercuBuana Research Center:
  3. Finance Performance, Share Price Expensive Level, Share Return and Share Liquidity Analysis of Manufacture Company Which Is Doing Stock Split and Not Doing Stock Split
  4. Implementation Effect of Simple Accounting with Entrepreneur Motivation for Small Entrepreneur at MercuBuana University Jakarta
  5. Integration Analysis for Five ASEAN Countries' Money Market Toward ASEAN Single Market
  6. Market Risk Measurement Study (Value at Risk. VAR) with Exponential Weighted Moving Averages Model (EWMA) and Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity (GARCH). Case Study: IHSG, LQ45 and Rupiah Rate
  7. Campaign Strategies of Non-Governmental Organizations in Mitigating Environmental Destruction in Indonesia
  8. Evaluation of Press Freedom After 12 Years Reformation
  9. Woman Representation as Sexual Object in Movie from Different Culture (Comparison Analysis Between Western Movie, Asian Movie with Indonesian Movie)
  10. “Cimosa” Concept Integration for TQM in Getting Quality Standardization at University
  11. Formation Controlling Design for Multi Robot System Coordination Using “Fuzzy” Logic Controlling
  12. Dielectric Characteristic Determination with Micro Wave
  13. Cooperation Pattern in Managing Flats at DKI Jakarta
  14. Application Study of Green Building at Jakarta: The Review of Green Building Base Law
  15. Landscape Differentiation Effect with Column Measure Determination Coefficient at Earthquake Area 3
  16. Motorcycle Driver Behaviour Effect Toward Accident Potential and Non Signal Intersection Performance
  17. Simple Flats Physical Environment Effect Toward Children School-Age Social Interaction Pattern and Playing Pattern
  18. Study of Crumb Rubber Processing Factory Base On Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  19. Issuers Sustainability Report Quality Comparison Study at Regional Stock Exchange (ASEAN): With Graphical Information Disclosure Index Approach
  20. Dividend and Volatilities Policy of Stock Price: Indonesia's Experience

Mercu Buana University Career Center (MBUCC)

Mercu Buana University Career Center (MBUCC) is a division which helps last semester students to compete in finding jobs. It distributes alumni to work at the companies and helps the students to progress in their careers. One of the activity in MBUCC is holds various seminars and career development training for alumni, so they can compete in employments. The various seminars and training include:


  1. Business English Training with LIA (Indonesia – USA Language Foundation)
  2. Professional Resume (CV) Training by Resume Professional Consultant.
  3. Internet Job Hunting Training.
  4. Work Culture, Motivation and Soft Skill Training.

MBUCC is also working together with more than 300 companies in Indonesia, through several ways:

  1. Campus Hiring; Company do the selection of MBU's alumni at campus.
  2. Job Expo at campus; MBUCC holds Job Expo regularly and invites all partner companies to meet and recruit MBU's alumni.

MBUCC is bridge between MBU's fresh-graduate and the company. On few universities in Indonesia have career center division, having the thought that the main task of university is to educate, the students job finding for the alumni is not the universities task.


Mercu Buana University Entrepreneurship Centre

Entrepreneurship has been the spirit of MBU since the foundation of this private university.  Therefore, the graduates are expected to be successful entrepreneurs or qualified managerial professionals in business and industry.


Mercu Buana University Entrepreneurship Center is working together with the Ministry of Cooperative and National Small Medium Entrepreneur Center provides students with capital for students to become entrepreneur.


In the process of enabling the students to start having their own businesses, although they are still pursuing their studies, MBU provide a live laboratory to foster the students to start doing business of their own. Funding of businesses are supported by the cooperating financial institutions, thus the vision of MBU's Founders and Management Team Members is to create the entrepreneurs could be a way of eradicating poverty in Indonesia, which is one of the MBU goals.


Inspiring speakers of various linesof business and industry are invited in consecutive schedules, who share their real experiences in making them prominent business practitioners.