Undergraduate Courses

Course Objectives:

Graduating from this program will have the ability in designing products that meet the architectural aesthetic and technical requirements, also understand the ethical aspects of professionalism in the field of architecture and the architect's role in society.


The graduates will be able to work at an architectural firm or create their own business as a professional architect in all phases of the process, starting from planning, and designing to actual product construction.

Available Programs:

  • University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan
  • Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Core Subjects

  • Architectural Drawing
  • Basic Architectural Design
  • Principles of Structure & Construction
  • Architectural Design I
  • Structures & Construction I
  • Tread & Environment
  • Architectural History of The World
  • Architectural Forms of Aesthetics
  • Architectural Design II
  • Structures & Construction II
  • Building Physics
  • Indonesian Vernacular Architecture
  • Architectural Design III
  • Structures & Construction III
  • Settlement Planning
  • Architectural Design IV
  • Wide Span Building Technology
  • Construction Management
  • City Architecture
  • Architectural Design V
  • High-Rise Building Technology
  • Architectural Design VI
  • Building Systems Technology
  • Architecture Seminar

Basic Undergraduate Courses

  • Pancasila ( Indonesian Ideology)
  • Religion
  • Computer Applications
  • Civics
  • English I
  • UMB Ethics
  • English II
  • Entrepreneurship I
  • Practice Profession
  • Law Aspect and Profession Ethics
  • End of Architectural Design (Final Project)

Electives Subjects

  • English III (electives)
  • Entrepreneurship II (electives)
  • Path Building Technology: Construction Cost Planning (Electives I)
  • Path Architecture : Islamic Architecture (Electives I)
  • City StripĀ  Settlements: Conservation in Architecture (Electives I)
  • Indonesian Language
  • English III (Electives)
  • Entrepreneurship II (Electives)
  • Path Building Technology: Energy Efficient Architecture (Electives II)
  • Path Architecture: Architecture Behavior (Electives II)
  • City Strip Settlements: Urban Revitalization ( Electives II)
  • Building Technology Track: Tropical Architecture (Electives III)
  • Path Architecture: Architecture and Tourism ( Electives III)
  • Strip City Settlement: Estate Management (Electives III)