Research Profile of Electrical Engineering

Mudrik Alaydrus, Prof. Dr.-Ing.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mudrik Alaydrus graduated from Electrical Engineering at The Universitaet Hannover, Germany and completed his Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering at The Universitaet Wuppertal, Germany. He has received title of Proffesor on 2015. Previously he was a Member of Verein der Deutschen Elektroingenieure, and Senior Member of IEEE. His Publications includes Multiband RF Low Noise Amplifier (2016), Design of Chebychev's Low Pass Filters Using Nonhomogeneous Transmission Lines (2015), Transmission of Real-time Video Signal with Interference Density and Human Traffic (2015), Pergeseran Transmission Zeros Akibat Perubahan Komponen Penggandeng Silang (2014), Reconstruction of Planar Multilayered Structures using Multiplicative-Regularized Contrast Source Inversion (2013), Pemanfaatan Spektrum Digital Dividend dengan Pendekatan Model Easement (2012), RFID-based Positioning System in Complex Environments (2011), Hybrid Methods in Designing Sierpinski Gasket Antennas (2010), Designing microstrip bandpass filter at 3.2 GHz (2010), Planar antenna design controlled by simulated annealing (2009).


Research of Interest