Universitas Mercu Buana has been established in 1985. From the 118 students of the first academic year by 2016 Universitas Mercu Buana has become one of the most sought after private universities in Indonesia with a student body of over 25.000. As one of the best private universities of the capital, UMB has received numerous awards from NGOs and the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, most recently for its excellence in Human Resources, Student Activities, Research and Community service.
In the 2016 web traffic based university ranking of Indonesia (4ICU), currently Universitas Mercu Buana is ranked number one among Indonesian private universities. These achievements are only possible because the university’s dedication to excellence and competitiveness both on the institutional and on the student level. Universitas Mercu Buana has made a great advancement in reputation, number of students, student activities, human resources, research and finally internationalization. Our university has opened student exchange programs, double degree programs and short academic programs with some of the most reputed universities in the world. This has allowed our best students to study abroad, greatly enriching not only their insights in their respective fields of studies but also their views about identity and culture.


As the best proof of the efforts of UMB’s management to increase the education quality, in December 2016 Universitas Mercu Buana has received ’A’ Institutional Accreditation from the Indonesian National Higher Education Board (BAN-PT). With this UMB has become one of the only 11 Indonesian private universities to hold this accreditation.


International Class

In 2015 UMB has opened fully English-taught degree programs in Business Management and Computer science. The students of these programs have the chance advance their professional English skills before entering the job market. They also have access to joint/double degree programs, meaning that after spending 2 or 3 years in Indonesia they finish their studies at one of our partner universities in Europe, Asia or Australia. The international class programs also host the inbound student exchange of UMB therefore Indonesian students can study in an international environment, together with exchange students from our partner universities.


Dedicated New International Building

As an important step in its internationalization, Universitas Mercu Buana has began the construction of a new building on its Meruya campus dedicated to the English taught International Class programs. The new building will provide an ideal learning environment for the international students and those talented young Indonesians who would like to get a head start for their careers by studying using English language instead of Indonesian. The dedicated International Building is currently in an advanced stage of construction and will be available for the students in September 2017.

Welcome to the International Class of UMB. The English-taught degree programs have been set up in 2015 with the purpose of introducing a higher level of education at UMB with smaller classes, exclusive environment and the very best lecturers who can prepare the most talented Indonesian students to continue their studies or to work abroad or perhaps find employment in a multinational company in Indonesia.

Working together with some of the best universities in the world we also offer our students double and joint degree programs where they can really expand their horizon and also their career opportunities by immersing themselves in a different culture. This is a big challenge for every student but from my own experience I cannot recommend trying it highly enough. The struggle will I personally believe that our program is very competitive with other similar programs in Indonesia. Our carefully worked-out curriculum, our hand picked lecturers, top-noth learning environment, extensive partners’ network and the recently awarded ’A grade accreditation from BAN-PT all stand as a proof that UMB’s international class programs are among the best one can choose in Jakarta right now. In the next years we