"I am Wu, Ping-Shu. I come from Taiwan. I am happy to join Joint Summer Program. This summer program is my first time to join. In the summer program, I meet many friends in other country. And to know other country culture different from Taiwan. In the summer program, I will to conquer here food and different language. I try very hard to understand what people speak in English and how to speak English. I have learned a lot and I think my English is better now."
Wu, Ping-Shu
Hungkuang University
"I love the program schedule and activities which cover wide scope of batik practices and its potential. To me, this is very important to broaden the perspective of all participants on how to preserve and at the same time to see new possibilities and potential of batik or other heritage to adopt it with nowadays life, culture, practice and technology."
Putri Intan Sari
Universiti Sains Malaysia
"Learning batik is interesting and meet some new friends. Although these days are tired, I enjoy this program. If I have chance again, I still want to join."
Tseng Wun Ceng
Hungkuang University
"I’m proud of joining Joint Summer Program. These day, I have many special memories. I meet some interesting friends. Finally, I enjoy this program. I hope I can join like this program next time."
Ho Chia Hsin
Hungkuang University
"I have learned how to make Batik by using canting and how to do Saman Dance. It’s really funny. People in Indonesia are friendly, and I made a lot of friends here. It’s always a good time with friends there, and I really enjoy it. I am glad that I join this summer program. By the way, although food in Indonesia is very different from Taiwan, it’s good to try something new. I think I will miss Indonesian food when I am back to Taiwan."
Chen, Ting-Hui
Hungkuang University
"This program had been open my mind. And I explore more with new culture also learn more about batik nusantara. Gain more friends from other country."
Niny Amelia
Universiti Sains Malaysia
"This program is very very good for me. It let me learn many things and make many friends from different country. This program teach my many things about Indonesia and eat many delicious food. It’s very interesting in this trip. I’m very appreciation you guys held this program. Thank you very much and I will miss you, love you all."
Chen Yi Hsuan
Hungkuang University
"I am not good at English. I’ve learned a lot here. Although it’s not relevant to my department, I still have fun in Indonesia. In here, I know a lot about Indonesian culture. But I think there’s food is not suit on me. I can’t eat spicy food and beef food, so I have a lot of restriction to eat food. If there is a chance, I will visit twice again."
Chen, Zhi Yu
Hungkuang University
Nicole Jan P. Casupang
Far Eastern University
"It’s good experience to participate in Joint Summer Program. We can makes friends for Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. We also saw lots of Indonesia landscape. Thanks to teach us how to photography. Hope to see you guys next time."
Liu, Yueh-Cheng
Hungkuang University
"I’ve learned a lot form this program, I’m so in love of the people around me starting from the committee, roomates and others. I laugh and smile every day because of them. The way the local take care of us really me it’s my heart. They are really kind and sweet, caring …. Thank you to Ms. Amel for being so caring and laughing to all our jokes. To Ms. Wari and Ms. Nina, thank you!!! To Mr. Dena and other photographers thank you for taking good pictures of us. To the one who prepares are food thank you, eventhough it’s so spicy it’s very delicious. To the local students thank you for appreciating us in every forms eventhough were so noisy everytime. Damn! I love you INDONESIA…."
Monivia Victoria
Far Eastern University
"I never tried anything like this program so it was a very refreshing experience for me. Thank you for all the committee members for making it happen and thank you for all my new friends from other country for participating in this program."
Kinanti Annisa Mifiona
Universitas Mercu Buana
"Very excited. For the first time, I feel inferiority because I difficult to start the conversation with other people, but it’s easy. I hope this program still available for the next year."
Nadhila Luthfia
Universitas Mercu Buana
"I really love to be a participant in this program because I can communicate and make friends with people from other countries directly not just some internet chats. I also got some language “lessons” from another country. Even though I have to “sacrifice” my own holiday for this program. I don’t regret it. Thanks to this program. I’ve found and made friends with awesome people! I hope this program will be held annually."
Kartika Fitriandary
Universitas Mercu Buana
"I love this program, I hope when I graduate I can follow this program again. I like to practice my English language and sometime I forget Bahasa the National language hahaha."
Fikri Mulia
Universitas Mercu Buana