Doctoral Courses

Post-Graduate Program of Mercu Buana University has organized a Doctoral Program in Management with the vision of producing the Doctorates of Management who mastered the theory, are able to develope knowledge, solve the problem, and are able to generate International Achievements in the Asia Region in 2024.


The Doctoral Program of Management at Mercu Buana University is directed to produce the doctorates who are able to understand the economic and management phenomena in analyzing, in order to solving the existing problems in industry or even in the wider community in national and international.


Concentrations and Exellences

  • Management of Resources that focuses on Global Strategic Human Capital (Human Resource Management that supports the national economy, as well as across countries).
  • Management of Marketing  that focuses on Macro Marketing Strategic (marketing of industry, political marketing, marketing for UMKM / Entrepreneurship, social marketing).
  • Management of Financial that focuses on Strategic Investment & Finance (capital markets, financial institutions and investment).

Course Duration

For participants of Doctoral Program of Management who have master degree in the related field, reached in 6 Semesters (3 Years) with 43 credits.


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