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The number of prospective students of Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) who register to follow the entry selection is constantly growing. Entire of the thousands of prospective students is recorded as many as 39 prospective students come from abroad.

Marketing Director of UMB, Dr. Mukti Ali explains the registration mechanism for prospective students of Mercu Buana preferred through the online registration. Although offline registration is also available.

“The data from this online Student applicants are indeed recorded 39 prospective students that come from overseas,” said Dr. Mukti Ali while monitoring the registration data of the new prospective students on the campus of UMB, Jakarta, Monday (7/2/17).

Based on the data, most prospective foreigner students who want to continue their study in UMB are from Southeast Asian countries. Haven’t touched on a candidate from the outside of Southeast Asian region.

However, the desire of foreign students that enrolled at UMB is the evidence of recognition quality. Because the prospective foreign student certainly chose the University that have a standard education according to their needs.

“It is indeed verifiable by UMB. Suppose a dormitory facility for foreign students, good teaching facilities, and qualified lecturers, as well as evidence of the “A” accreditation that held by UMB, “this management expert said.

He insists the flagship accreditation or A predicate given by National Accreditation Board of higher education (BAN-PT) to the institution of the UMB becomes evidence of the recognition quality. The thing that will surely be the consideration of foreign students interested in studying at UMB.

More details he mentioned the majority of prospective foreign students came fromMalaysia. Although there are some who come from other countries. In general they chose the Faculty of psychology and economics. (author: Sentosa/Image editor: Rico Noviantoro/Bureau secretariat of the University and public relations/ /