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Student exchange program that established between Universitas Mercu Buana and Universiti Malaysia Sabah provides considerable influence. Not only on improving the quality of science students from the two universities, but also strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.


“The studying experience of six students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah at Universitas Mercu Buana makes them learn about the culture and people of Indonesia too,” said Rector of the Universitas Mercu Buana, Dr. Arissetyanto Nugroho, MM when releasing the learning period of  Malaysian students that follow the student exchange program at the Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Friday (06.01.17).


Experiences in Indonesia indirectly provide more precise perception of Indonesia in the face of other countries. Surely the right perception from other countries could give credence to Indonesia.

Not only that, the Rector consider that the experience in other countries also give more knowledge. Malaysian students will enhance the cultural richness in themself. So it is more mature personality of each.


“It was also obtained for Universitas Mercu Buana students who participate in a student exchange abroad. The impact of this program will be very spacious for the civilized world, “he added.


On this opportunity, the Rector of UMB expressed his gratitude for the trust of Universiti Malaysia Sabah to established cooperation. And hoped that this cooperation could be further improved in the different programs.


Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Mercu Buana, Muhammad Iqbal, Ph.D describes this student exchange program lasts for one semester. This student exchange participants enjoy all the facilities of the University of Mercu Buana.


“All the activities of Malaysian students are no different from Universitas Mercu Buana students. So they feel the true experience of studying in Indonesia, “he added.


The six Malaysian students who participated in the student exchange program are Chiew Hong Chun, Nurul Nabilah Burhanuddin, Herdanarena Jamsuddin, Dhashni AP Chandeer, Noor Bint Syazlin Noh and Ruvina Indran. (Author: Citra Sentosa, editor: Rico Noviantoro / Secretariat Bureau Universities and Public Relations /