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mercu buana a

The persistence of Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) to provide a quality education for Indonesian generations obtained a good result. This is proved by the bestowal UMB as one of top universities in Indonesia by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN – PT).


The predicate of “Top University” is realized by the accreditation score ‘A’ for UMB. The assessment was contained in the Decree No. 3001 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / PT / XII / 2016 dated December 20, 2016.


“With the results of accreditation ‘A’, it has meaning UMB as top University that recognized by the government. So worth mentioning UMB is one of national top universities, “said Vice-Rector for Education, Research and Technology and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ngadino Surip, Wednesday (04.01.17).


With the results of accreditation ‘A’, he continued commitment of UMB provides the best quality of education has been reached. While providing meaning UMB as an educational institution has applied the maximum standards as set by the government. The maximum standard applies to all lines, from the educational curriculum, lecture system, facilities, education personnel and other education personnel as well.


According to the maximum standard also provides optimal results. Among the alumni UMB are able to work on a national and multi-national companies. Even the few alumni who successfully opened their own jobs.


“Of course accreditation that gives meaning top campus was a source of pride for the entire community of UMB. But do not deserve complacency, “he added.


The journey of UMB as an educational institution is still long. The success earned accreditation “A” become a provision for campus bearing the Blue Flame is taking another interpretation, namely as a university of international standard.


Prof. Ngadino Surip confirms the spirit of the government to make universities in Indonesia into the best 500 colleges in the world it is necessary to be supported. It is not just a struggle for state universities, but also private colleges.


“We must continue to work longer, so that one day UMB can enter the ranks of the international College. It was a continuing struggle, “he concluded.


UMB is a university in Jakarta that was built in 1985. Until now it has opened six faculties and 23 study programs, as well as the Graduate program. (Bureau of the Secretariat of University and Community Relations /