Outbound Master Testimony

"I started my master degree at Beijing Institute of Technology one year ago, I am taking MBA as my major at this university. For me, to be a student at BIT is the greatest experience in my life, here I am not only learning about my major stuff but also learning about life and culture. BIT providing me the best courses experience with the best lecturers that comes from some countries, my classmates also comes from some countries such as US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Italy, China, etc. To be in class, is the most challenging thing to do, because BIT requires us to be active and to be working in a group, which is make me need to deal with culture difference while working in the group. Even this obstacle is not easy to deal with, but at last it make me understand more how to have a good team working with teammates from different countries."
Amelia Christyani D., S.E., MBA.
Master Program - Beijing Institute of Technology - 2014/2016
"Studying abroad in China has been an amazing experience and life-changing for me. And Beijing Institute of Technology is the best decision I ever made. Because BIT is one of China’s most esteemed and the top ranking engineering, education, and research university in China. With a lot of facilities, best lecturers from some other countries, and advanced research from professors, made my 2 years fight in Master program of Softwaree engineering seems worth it. The cultural encounters experienced through study abroad are invaluable for personal, academic, and career development. I learned so much about myself, friends from other countries, all of computer and programming technologies that hardly to find in Indonesia. Also, I can witnessing China as a beautiful scenery, rich of culture, amazing history, nice peoples, and powerful Country."
Ilham Nugraha, S.Kom., M.Sc.
Master Program - Beijing Institute of Technology - 2015/2017