Outbound Students Testimony



Hary Prayitno (Long Term Credit Transfer - Beijing Institute of Technology)

"When I arrived to Beijing, it felt like a dream … It can not be expressed with words.There is a saying: 'Seek knowledge as far as China.' Me and other students from Mercu Buana are lucky to get this opportunity. Thanks to God, parents, friends and Mercu Buana University who has established cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology, so we could be here now."

Okta Fitrya (Long Term Credit Transfer - Beijing Institute of Technology)

"I am really glad in joining the international program at Mercu Buana. I began my study at BIT last year, and even though I need to study really hard at BIT, I am enjoying my time during my stay in Beijing. The study environment at BIT forms me to become graduate with an extensive knowledge, due to the support from lecturers and campus facilities that have excellent academic quality. Moreover I have the opportunity to mingle with students from many other countries, which have an impact on the development of my interpersonal skills and level of confidence."


Amelia Christyani D. (Master Program - Beijing Institute of Technology)

I started my master degree at Beijing Institute of Technology one year ago, I am taking MBA as my major at this university. For me, to be a student at BIT is the greatest experience in my life, here I am not only learning about my major stuff but also learning about life and culture. BIT providing me the best courses experience with the best lecturers that comes from some countries, my classmates also comes from some countries such as US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Italy, China, etc. To be in class, is the most challenging thing to do, because BIT requires us to be active and to be working in a group, which is make me need to deal with culture difference while working in the group. Even this obstacle is not easy to deal with, but at last it make me understand more how to have a good team working with teammates from different countries.

Indah Mutia (Credit Transfer - Universiti Sains Malaysia)

How we live our lives is based on the value we believe in. Exchange student has many positive, inspirational, motivational, the more effective my life will be, upgrade my self, and i see the word in different way, in better way than before.


Irmanti Maulida (Credit Transfer - Universiti Sains Malaysia)

I thought this program only focus in academic so i had to take it seriously and that's scary for me. But now i know i was wrong. During this program my life was colorful. Meeting new friends from different countries, cultures, religions and any different things else. I feel so lucky for getting this chance.