PBL 2018 Testimonies

August 5th - 12th, 2018

I've learned a lot about Indonesian culture and architecture, besides that I gained a lot a friends. And I can truly say that the people here are very kind & friendly even if there's language barrier.
Mark Christyan Calumay
Architecture - Far Eastern University
Everything okay. The people are very welcoming and accomodating. It was really a fun and enjoying stay especially the one event at Pulau Pari. I would like to join again next year.
Raiza R. Valera
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I have gained a lot of knowledge and friends throughout the program. It really is a northwhile experience to join the program.
Luis Alcel D. De Leon
Architecture - Far Eastern University
If I have chance to join again, I'll join because the program is great.
Reyes, Aurelio Charles P.
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I have learned a lot of things in this program specially the culture of Indonesia which for the record amazed me so much. I also meet new friends whom I will not forget forever.
Francis Marie G. Costantino
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I learned a lot especially on our case study of Pari Island. I get to understand that we need to balance the culture of traditional of the locals and the needs of tourist. Also, I gained a lot of friends and everyday was fun and exciting. Thank you UMB.
Sydney Franchesca G. Quinto
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I learned a lot of things and experience here in Mercu Buana University and the people here is so friendly and good to us and all the activities is very good.
Bucas, Jhoanna Rose M.
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I learned a lot and the people was friendly they are good in hospitality and all the activity is very good.
Erika F. Tumanguil
Architecture - Far Eastern University
It was great I had fun getting to know other people in other country and I can say that I will participate again in the next project based learning
Jellie Ann Mae G. Ibardo
Architecture - Far Eastern University
I'm so glad to be part of this program, becuase I had a chance to meet new people and learn new things from them. Hope this program will continue to help more students to communicate with others.
Zaira Mae D. De Los Reyes
Architecture - Far Eastern University
Invite more participants and make easy to the processing of documents
Jorshua Allen David
Architecture - Far Eastern University
It's a good program. I hope I can join this program next year.
Tsalsa Arbadiennaya
Architecture - Universitas Mercu Buana
It's very good event. Thanks to Universitas Mercu Buana. please be expanded international event like this to help the students in english skill.
Muhammad Tridaya Nugraha Saputra
Civil Engineering - Universitas Mercu Buana
Very pleasant experience when I meet the students from Phillipines because they are open, humble, good, smart and more experience from them. I hope next year I can join this program again.
Mitha Agustina W.
Architecture - Universitas Mercu Buana
Exciting, adding experience, adding friends, improve english skill. Next year, you must put my name hehehe.
Aryo Medi Wicaksono
Architecture - Universitas Mercu Buana
I'm very happy and excited to be a participant on this program because I meet with a new friend. New experience and I hope for the next year can be more participants from other country.
Andre Hirda Agustine
Architecture - Universitas Mercu Buana
I feel so grateful that I can be as a participant of this event. I can practice my english speaking skill. And I can explore Pari Island with free cost hehehe.
Navi'atul Ma'arif
Architecture - Universitas Mercu Buana
It's fun to know new friends from Phillipines. And with project, I think it makes me more confident with my english now.
Afifah Indra Pritasari
Industrial Engineering - Universitas Mercu Buana
Good learning from workshop, form the community and from one another. Joined on 8th day, hence, did not take place in some events.
Clarence Ong (Staff)
Staff Singapore Institute of Management
I have learn a lot about the local community of Cilacap, Segara Anakan and their problems. With the students of the various universities and differentiated specializations we have definitely learnt a lot from each other and formed friendships.
Jonathan Halim
Economics & Politics - Singapore Institute of Management
everything is great but the only thing upsetting is there is no hot water for shower.
Ma Yilin
Management and Digital Innovation
Singapore Institute of Management
It was a great experience and helpful people. I believe with better intructions it will be great to manage.
Shah Smit Chetankumar
Computing and Information System
Singapore Institute of Management
I throughly enjoyed myself during PBL. I feel that the works we do have is helpful and would benefit the community in Kampung Laut. I only wish we had more time. it is obvious that the people in Pertamina and the Goverment's office have little interest in protecting the interest of the people in Kg. Laut. therefore, I feel our effort are of little impact. moving forward, I still feel that PBL is a very valuable effort. I wish future SIM students will be able to take part, but in projects that will be able to make a difference with the support of governmental bodies and other stakeholder
Zulkhairee Bin Sulaiman
International Relation - Singapore Institute of Management
while I enjoyed the trip very much and learning about the mangroves and the living conditions as well as the concerns of segara anakan's villagers, I get the impression that the presentation for the local government was nothing more than a public relations stunt. forgive me for being curt. regardless, the liaison officers were really amazing in hosting us and I believed the students at Singapore Institute of Management felt their amazing hospitality. I look forward to hearing about this program next year. another important note, while the committee were great in hosting us
Lee Yi Xuan Venessa
International Relation - Singapore Institute of Management
This is a very useful activity. I can have friends from the other country. Hope we can do this again for next year!
Saskia Nurkholifah Hidayat
Management - Universitas Mercu Buana
Awesome experience, I can go to several cities such as cilacap and bandung without cost and I can know how study style from other foreigner participant
Alvin Denis Saputra
Management - Universitas Mercu Buana
I'm satisfied with this whole week program all accomodation and program is very good. Although my background isn't in environmental related, through this program, I learn new thing, gain more knowledge. And most of all having culture exchange with the others were open my mind, in terms of how they get over problem, deal with unexpected condition and many more. I would love to involve another PBL program next year.
Retno Yuniarsih
Management - Universitas Mercu Buana
The experience that I was expected is equal to the reality I learn a lot about new environment. I got new knowledge and new friends here. Its also open my new point of view of everything. This project honestly have good value or maybe the best value. I hope it could be more develop next year. I had a lot of fun. thanks
Putri Ayu Yulisa
Management - Universitas Mercu Buana
I would love of the coordination from committee more farm. From this program I can learn about how the others country do their job as individual or in group. They show us how to procced the job as right as possible.
Salsa Aldela
Management - Universitas Mercu Buana