Research Profile of Psychology

A. A. Anwar Prabu M., Dr., M.Si.



Dr. Prabu graduated from educational psychology and social science. Currently he is appointed as a head of ethical commision at Universitas Mercu Buana. He focus on the area of the establishment of the caracter and analyze of human characteristic. His publications includes effect of training competence and discipline on employee performance in company, Effect of training, motivation and work environment on physicians performance, effect or work discipline, work motivation and job satification on employee organizational commitment in company, the effect of tranfromational leadership and job satification on employee performance and emotional intelligence of teachers, the stress of work and the performance of the high school teacher in South Tangerang.


Antonius Dieben R. M., Dr., M.Si.



He is a faculty member of Psychology. His recent publications is The Influence of Heroic Leadership and Learning Organization to Work Achievement with Authentic Personal Branding as Mediator.


Muhammad Iqbal, Dr., M.Si.



M. Iqbal has a PhD in Psychology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is an expert in psychology. Currently he is appointed as a Dean of Psychology at Universitas Mercu Buana. Some of his research interest are psychology, management, leadership, migration and family. His publications includes pull and push factors of indonesian women migrant workers form Indramayu (West Java) to work abroad, job satisfacation and emotional labour of cabin crew, is smartphone addiction related to loneliness?, a survey of the quality of life of indonesia migrant worker in Sabah East Malaysia, the effetiveness of “metode 7 penjernih hati” training to senior high school student discipline.