Study on Calibration of Sea Wave Height Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Based on Grey Level Co-Occurrence Matrix: Case on Multi Polarization P Band

Harwikarya , Desi Ramayanti

Indonesian archipilago had 70% sea area of its total area. Due to safety factor in sea transportation fishery and tourism, sea wave height in all area in Indonesia must be known. Lack of the information on the height of sea wave caused lot of accident in sea transportation or fishery especially in East Indonesia. This research proposed an introduction to calibration system of the height of sea wave using the feature texture of the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)image. The feature texture were extracted by using grey level cooccurence matrix (GLCM) with zero degree obsevation. The research object was the Sinthetyc Apperture Radar (SAR) image P band of Kalimantan’s coastal. The image had full polarization such as  horizontal horizontal, horizontal vertical, vertical horizontal and vertical vertical. The result showed four features were extracted,  contrast, correlation, energy and homogeneity. The homogeneity had highest accuracy compare to test image and it could be used as a calibrator of sea wave height