"Interesting mix of students from different area of expertise yet me share common grounds on designing the surrounding while maintaining the environment in developing the socio – economic of the area. Places of interest for the projects are amusing as we get to compare them for our references. Lectures were mostly broad and sufficient in terms of context and the message that is meant to be conveyed. Thus, sincerely grateful for this opportunity to gain first-hand experience to collaborate and cooperate with international level of intellect. Well done!"
Raihani Razak
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"First of all, I want to thank Mercu Buana University for giving me opportunity to participate for this project. So far, I’ve been experience a great time since the program has started. All the staff and student from Indonesia has been kind to me and I feel so grateful I’ve join this program. Through this program, I’ve learn new knowledge about architecture also to incorporate with others discipline such engineering faculty. Hopefully, Mercu Buana University can do this program again in the future. Thank you again."
Nurul Amira Binti Amat Bakri
Universiti Teknologi Mara
"In my whole stay/join in the program. I absolutely find that wider concept of good friend relationship with different races at which gain of knowledge with the different cultures widen up the knowledge that I simply just have. I learned a lot from these programs and I definitely give Mercu Buana University the mark that’s basically given to as “A+” because the given service and accommodation (hospitality) provided was just definitely great. Specifically, what I gained as a new idea or knowledge is that even combination of different culture doesn’t take as like to communicate ideas to bring a beautiful outputs for a certain unknown problem."
Kevin Paolo Viloria Alcantara
Far Eastern University
"The Project Based Learning is a fun experience for me. I have gained new friends from other countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The program has let me experience new adventures which I cannot do in my home country. Being able to experience different things and eating foods that are very different from what we eat (spicy food) has made me feel thankful that I was given the chance to join this program. I believe that what I have learned from the program will benefit me in my course/department in the near future. It’s such a shame that we will only stay for 8 days but I am very grateful still. Thank you!"
Aileen Chen Co
Far Eastern University
"It’s refreshing course for me, but as always, there is something new to learn. Made new friend, and we learnt from each other. Workload is a bit hectic – should have more students from architectural background/design-based."
Muhammad Afi Bin Mohd Amdan
Universiti Teknologi Mara
"During my stay and participation of the PBL program, I have gained a lot of new experience and knowledge which is not only for civil engineering study but also architectural, social and infrastructural knowledge. It is a beneficial program to be participated by students of various field."
Deanna S. Sawayan
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"I have learned how to work and corporate with people from different courses and different countries. I have gained experience on working and organizing group work and leadership skills. I have made strong friendship connections with my fellow students and organizers. Exploring some places in Jakarta has been one of my favorite experience in my life. Working together with energetic students, skillful students and supportive lecturers has inspired me a lot a hard working, teamwork and being creative."
Abubakari Juma Bakari
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"Everyone is all welcoming and nice and hospitable towards each and everyone. Now that the PBL is coming to its end. I realized that 8 days is too short because I will miss them all. I will cherish all our laughs and bonding get together. The program helped me understand more about Indonesian culture and not only that but to also understand more about heritage and urban design."
Rayn Victoria Jumao-As Moldez
Far Eastern University
"It was a fun experience for me. I met a lot of friends and established a close relationship with each of them. I am very thankful because they always help me. They are very kind to me even though we only bonded for several days. And also tag committee is very kind, it feels like we are at the same age, they always take care of us. I feel like we can accomplish something/anything when we are together. All of us don’t stay or are not from the same country but it feels like we are at the same country but it feels like we are one at heart. I will treasure the friendship I made during the Project Based Learning."
Ritchelle Ann Ibayan Panerio
Far Eastern University
"A very nice experience involving multi discipline practice. The task is also a very interesting one to revitalize the rundown area of Jakarta. I am so amazed with the kerjasama of the local people of Indonesia in developing the city. Everyone is extremely nice and the content of the seminar is also something that I wish I could involve again in the future."
'Izzah Munirah Binti Mohd Ghazali
Universiti Teknologi Mara
"A lot of experience to gain through the program. Known a traditional culture through the trip. Make a lot of friend from Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. Love the food! The treat is amazing. We love how all of those people treat us with smile and their kind behavior. Love to go here again someday. Please invite us more."
Norlisa Binti Hassan
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"The program is very helpful in learning. The participants, professors and committees are very welcoming and friendly. They accommodate participants equally and provide everything they need. Which made them approachable. I gained more knowledge about Indonesia (the culture, people, structures, etc) which will be very helpful to my studies (BS Architecture). I could use it to my future works and research."
Symon Vincentz N. Baello
Far Eastern University
"I am really honored to be chosen as one of the participants of this program. I had a really great time learning, making new friends and sight-seeing Jakarta. Indonesians are very friendly and their hospitality is really heartwarming. I never experience any lacking during my stay in here. They are all very helpful and cheerful. I wish I can meet them again for Project Based Learning 2.0 as continuation of what we have learnt so far."
Siti Noraishah Fatimah Binti A. Aziz
Universiti Teknologi Mara
"I’ve learnt a lot. The people here are super kind. I can see different culture other than from Malaysia. Met new friends who are so kind. Got friends from different parts of Asia and I’ve learnt their languages. I’ve learnt new civil ways to improve buildings. I’ve seen how architectures work and it’s amazing."
Aimi Nazurah Binti Jamain
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"This program helps me to spread my network through the activities provided by Universitas Mercu Buana. I gained a lot of knowledges in each assignment given to me. It include of traditional culture and art of Indonesia. Communication and soft skills were developed through this program, all the staff and lecturer of UMB providing a good treat to participants. I made friends with other participants who came from another country. This program could help students to enhance their mindset and working skills I love all my new friends from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. I hope there are another program that I can join in the future."
Mohd Amirul Hafizhat Bin Mohd Yazid
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"I have a great experiences in this 6 days. So much thing that I got to learn, either as an engineering or just as an Indonesian citizen and global citizen. My new friends are really friendly and the best of best that makes me motivated me to do better from now on. The only flaw is how the committee treat local students and other countries students is sometimes different. I hope they can treat us as the same. But this program is a really good experience. I hope Mercu Buana University will make a program like this every years."
Annisa Hidayati Poerwanto
Universitas Mercu Buana
"I like this program, but this program help me to achieve for learn about new thinking architecture, engineer, and languages. So I think I have a lot friends from different nationality, and we change about culture, so I very like it. And I like bubur, but in this program I can’t find bubur."
Surya Perdana
Universitas Mercu Buana
"Project Based Learning, I really like this program, it’s a pleasure to meet so many new friend from another country, and gain my knowledge on everything. I hope I’ll meet them again in another day."
Raniyah Nurjannah
Universitas Mercu Buana
"Mercu Buana must to be continued this program. Because I think we can learn a lot of things, get a lot of friends and other. Here, I can learn about like where to work despite the fact that there are obstacles to disturb, but we can to break that problem. I hope I can keep of our communication from all of the participants of this program."
Gerry Novrenzo
Universitas Mercu Buana
"I love joined this program, so blessed and honored to be a delegation. Thank you so much for all the hard works to made this program run."
Chairunissa Manoto
Universitas Mercu Buana
"From this program I learned all the things like culture, language, team work with other friends. I feel so happy being part of them. To know them and when I get a problem with my English, “it’s fine! You didn’t have to do that, I understand you”. Oh my God, they’re so kind… I hope this program will continue. Thank you for everything."
Nining Meida
Universitas Mercu Buana
"I’m so excited to join this program. I think it’s the opportunities to me to get the best experiences and also met some people from the others country. They are so humble and we can learn together. We’re made some group and solve the problem about heritage and sustainable design of kampong naga and old city from Tangerang. I hope I can join this program again."
Ajeng Herdiana P.
Universitas Mercu Buana
"It’s a honored to me for being the participant of this program. I also met some people from the others country. One of the fun experiences and I hope this project can continue to exist every year."
Farah Alfiah Rahmah
Universitas Mercu Buana
"First, I would like to thank full to mercu buana that make this program was held and also for giving me this chance to join this great program. Secondly, I would like to tell everybody that joining this program was really amazing. Why? Because I can expand my network and also increase my knowledge and of course got new friends, feel so lucky that I can meet and doing observation and also discussion with them which is came from different country."
Anggun Vionieta F.
Universitas Mercu Buana