Equalizing Overseas Higher Education Diplomas

Procedure for Equalizing Overseas Higher Education Diplomas

Equalizing the Overseas Higher Education Certificate (Penyetaraan Ijazah Pendidikan Tinggi Luar Negeri) to determine the degree obtained is equivalent to the education diploma applicable in Indonesia. The equivalent of this diploma is not an obligation that must be carried out by foreign graduates, unless it is required by their workplace or users of foreign university graduates.


Some things that are important to see in the process of equalization include: the academic system, the number of credits taken, the study period, the quality of the final project, the length of stay in the place where the education was taken.


The following are the requirements and flow of the foreign university diploma equalization process in the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education:

  • Scan of original diploma and color. If it is not in English, it must be completed with a scan of the original and color translation of the diploma by a sworn translator in Indonesian and English.
  • Scan of original and color academic transcripts. If not in English, it must be completed with a scan of the original and color translation of the academic transcript by a sworn translator in Indonesian and English.
  • Scan all passport pages, including blank pages used during the study period, arranged by page numbers in one file. For graduates of research based programs and sandwich programs, study visas can be replaced with visit visas.
  • Scan of the original diploma from the previous education level or the previous education level equivalent decree.
  • Information about the program taken (curriculum and syllabus)
  • Complete dissertation for doctoral level
  • Complete thesis for master level with research
  • CDGDC in English by a sworn translator for graduates from China
  • Scientific articles published in international journals for doctoral level or at least published in proceedings for master program graduates with research or a certificate from university if the program does not require the publication of scientific articles

Is a requirement that can be requested at any time if needed, including:

  • The progress report signed by the supervisor containing the notes during the guidance during the research
  • Study assignment letter issued by the state secretariat for civil servants
  • Graduates of the double degree program must attach diplomas and academic transcripts from domestic universities in the study program being taken and the inter-tertiary education MoU documents
  • For graduates of the joint degree program, they must attach the MoU document between universities
  • For applicants whose tertiary institutions have not been registered in the diploma equalization application, they must attach a letter of recognition to the college from the local government or accreditation body or local RI representative office
  • Applicants who obtain a diploma through an online program can be considered for equalization if the high reputable organizing college and the online program are recognized by the local government as a legal formal education program
  • Chronology of the learning process from the university concerned and a full time student certificate
  • Resident card or resident permit
  • Student card
  • If the passport and visa are lost, it is mandatory to attach: a missing certificate from the police, a certificate from the university confirming that the applicant has studied and graduated from the university, and a certificate from the Indonesian Embassy stating that the applicant has lived and studied in that country.

Process Flow

  • Create an IjazahLN account and fill in the applicant’s personal data. Make sure the data is filled in correctly and completely.
  • Applicants must attach required data and / or documents. Make sure the data and / or documents attached are correct and in accordance with the provisions
  • The Verification Team checks the data and / or documents attached by the Applicant. This process takes about 10 working days.
  • The applicant takes the SK that has been processed by coming directly to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education or can be represented by attaching a power of attorney for the representative

Source: https://indonesia.go.id/layanan/pendidikan/sosial/prosedur-penyetaraan-ijazah-pendidikan-tinggi-luar-negeri