Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Exchange students to BIT can study in the regular degree programs conducted in English or Chinese, they are also welcomed to study in our Chinese language study program. No tuition fee for the exchange students. We receive students from undergraduate, master and PhD level from the home university, except the first year undergraduate students. The exchange program extends from one semester to two semesters in the academic program or Chinese language program.


We will give the scholarship for 3 outstanding students to join this exchange program. The scholarship will covers your tuition fee and accommodation in BIT.

Outbound Credit Earnings

Course Duration

1-2 semester

Online Application Period

  • Spring : Nov 1st – Jan 1st
  • Fall : Feb 1st – Jun 1st


  • Online Registration
  • Fulfill the requirements
  • International office will process the admission
  • Getting acceptance
  • Join the student exchange

eligible program

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Information System


  • Transcripts at home university (English version with signature and/or seal by the student’s home university)
  • One letter of recommendation by home university professor
  • Statement of Purpose clearly indicating duration and purpose of study, preferred technical work or experience and academic background
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Photo of applicant
  • CV
  • TOEFL; 500
  • GPA; 3.5
  • Health Examination
  • Enrollment Letter

Details Fee

Ticket ReturnIDR 8.000.000,-
VisaIDR 540.000,-
Living Cost (Eat, Transportation, Internet, Phone)IDR 2.000.000,-/month
DormitoryCNY 900,-/month (IDR 1.956.000,-)
Application FeeCNY 500,- (one time) (IDR 1.086.000,-)
Medical InsuranceCNY 300,- (IDR 652.000,-)
Medical Check UpIDR 1.000.000,-
TotalIDR 35.013.000,-
Incentives UMBIDR 10.000.000,-
TOTAL After Incentive
IDR 25.013.000,-