SOAS-ACE Research Grants

Corruption Risk in Indonesia's Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Research Partners


  • Tony Robey
  • Dr. Ir. HenkyS Nugroho MT

This research project, a collaboration between the Unversitas Mercu Buana and the Indonesian Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas), will map the risk factors for corruption in the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Over the last decade, the Government of Indonesia has become increasingly concerned that petroleum companies operating the country’s oil and gas fields have been inflating costs through overspending. Drawing on years of work on corruption risk mitigation in Indonesian oil and gas industry, this research project will review and analyse relevant published policy which is designed to mitigate the risk of corruption, including bribery risk, as well as studying the implications of the absence of legislation in Indonesia to prosecute corruption in the private sector and more specifically bribery in the upstream oil and gas industry.

This research full supported by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) of Indonesia.



Dr-Ing. Ir. Budi Ibrahim

He will be responsilbe for completion of the project, directing and managing the research and will be directly involved in the majority of steps in the research. He will liaise with related government authorities in upstream oil and gas including SKK Migas, Upstream Oil & Gas Contractors and with the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Agency – Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK).


1. Tony Robey

He will contribute according his vast experience in investigating corruption cases including those in the private sector. He will serve as subject matter expert for corruption in the private sector including relevant legislation.

2. Dr. Ir. Henky S Nugroho, MT.

He will be working closely with the Principal Investigator. He has experience in auditiing in the private sector, and anti-corruption law enforcement of the oil and gas industry.

Prof. Dana Santoso Saroso, Ph.D

He coordinates this research with the scientific approach in accordance with: recognised methodology, monitor the project budget and prepare the progress reports for the Principal Investigator and funding agency.


1.Dr. Erna Setiany, SE., M.Si.

She will contribute in conducting governance literature reviews, collecting and analysing data, prepare materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations, prepare materials for Human Subjects Committee review, prepare interview questions and identify and/or interview those involved.

2. Febrian Kwarto, SE., M.Si.

He will contribute in preparing the materials, participate and perform joint audits in SKK Migas, analyse the results of the audit data that will be conducted by the scientific approach and report on the results.

3. Nur Indah S., ST., MT.

She will conduct engineering literature reviews, prepare materials for the activities of a forum discussion group, collect and analyse data, prepare the questions for interviewees and/or interview those involved and collect the analysis results to be included in a final report.

4. Haris Wahyudi, ST., M.Sc.

He will contribute in determining the research methodology, maintain the records on assignment completion, act as liaison/mediator, prepare the research papers, and prepare progress reports for the person in charge (PIC) and funding agency.

5. Irwansyah Agustino Harahap, ST.

He will contribute on the collection of data set from the research objects. Data are collected via survey and interviews, as well as secondary data set, that collected from several related institutions, both government and private, including the Agency of Central Statistics.

  1. Gabor Nemeth, M.Phil. – General Affairs
  2. Putri Saparningtyas, S.Ikom. – Finance Manager
  3. Firdha Yulianti, B.Eng., S.SI. – Administration Officer
  4. Afni Fathia Asih, S.Kom. – IT Officer
  5. Sischo Fungky Aprilyan, B.Eng., S.SI. – HR Officer.
  6. Aswi Ruhana – Data Collection Officer
  7. Ratna Ayu Febrianti – Data Collection Officer